About Our Products
We remember when Stratego and Risk used wooden pieces... and we will always
make our products available in wood as long as gamers want them!

Counter Sleds:
Counter Sleds are priced in standard units of 25. We often package them in 50's.
Custom amounts are available (larger and smaller), please send us a letter or email
indicating the quantity you are interested in.

Our smaller Counter Sleds hold up to 5 counters of average thickness. Design &
gravity hold the counters on the sled. Counter Sleds work best with a flat surface like
mounted maps or plexiglass over paper maps.

All Counter Sleds are 100% made in the USA from hardwood, usually white maple,
while some sizes may be provided in other wood varieties such as poplar. If you have
a specific wood in mind please ask us.

Our newest product line, BattleHexes, were introduced in 2009 (our 10th year!), and
continue our tradition of creating useful products for gamers made from hardwood.
This product was the brain child of one of our good customers (Mr Jim O'Neill).
BattleHexes are provided in poplar which contains white & green color variation
naturally, and they come unfinished in quantities of 12 or 24. If you are interested in
custom thickness BattleHexes or a different size, please email us.

All of our products are suitable for painting.
About Us...
About Our Company
RDOXX Inc is all about game playing. RDOXX founder and inventor of Counter Sleds (Dennis O'Brien) is a long
time gamer (since t
he late 60's)... He got interested in limited intelligence, tried inverted counters and
double-blind systems, but it was hard enough to find a flesh and blood opponent much less a moderator
too...then one day (in 1986) he hit on the idea of Counter Sleds! RDOXX Inc was born in 1999 to produce them.

RDOXX got its first sales via the The Gamers Consortium (many thanks to Dean and Sara) in 2000. After The
Gamers sale to MMP (2001) the Consortium was no more and we had a brief stint with Homer Games (Thanks
Sandi!). We concentrate on direct sales via the web, conventions, word-of-mouth, and occasional ads in
publications like F&M and S&T. We are  selling through a few select third party re-sellers at this time, but usually
they don't carry our whole line...

If you have ideas about how we could improve our products (or add new ones) please let us know.

We have a forum on ConsimWorld under the Consim Cafe area (kudos to John Kranz).
If you would like a reply
to a post please email us.
Gaming Accessory: Counter Sleds (RDOXX).